Magical Meena Kumari

Meena Kumari probably is closest to my heart when one thinks of Hindi cinema and specifically thinks of female actors.. Oh! She was indeed tragedy queen of the silver screen.. It was on my mind for a long time to pay musical tribute to her..The list has been cut short to be a part of Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane.. or RMSG..

Here I am presenting some of the songs from her films her..

रुपये में सोलह गाने : मीना कुमारी

अभय शर्मा, 1 अगस्त 2017

Post Script : The file has been modified to accommodate just one song from one film. Additionally a RMSG on Meena Kumari duets is planned for her birth anniversary today. If time permits I might just present another RMSG on More Hits from Meena Kumari films..

And here is a file that provides some of the much admired top songs from the Great Meena Kumari films..




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