Sachin Dev Burman – Playback Singer

When it comes to talk about some of the greatest Music Directors of Hindi Cinema, the father and son duo of S.D. and R.D. Burman always find a mention with great respect.. here I am presenting a list of 16 songs in the latest Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane series recorded by the father figure of Hindi Cinema Music.. Sachin Dev Burman had unique high pitch voice and rendered quite a few great songs in Hindi films.. if dedications were the order of the day.. I would ascribe it to brother Alakshendra Sharma, though Sachin Da was favourite music director of several in the family.. including Shachin Da who is known for singing ‘O Re Manjhi.. ‘ from the film Bandini quite well.. at one time the Bandini song was very dear to me..

Abhaya Sharma, April 08 2017

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