Ram Gopalan – Kavita Murthi

Many Happy Returns of the Day Dr. Ram Gopalan..  The post is in time for the birthday of  dearest among the newest acquaintances.. Dear Ram Gopalan.. Many Happy Returns of the birthday Sir..  the RMSG i.e. Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane is dedicated to you.. and  I would be highly thankful if you could allow me to let my dear friend Kavita Murthi share it with you.. Her birthday was only a couple of days ago on May 6..  To say I forgot is not quite appropriate so to speak.. I did remember her birthday all along.. only maybe I was little preoccupied with few other things … Some of the top Asha Bhosle duets.. is my way of saying a Happy birthday to both of you..  I hope Kavita would not complain.. Ram ko yaad rakha aur mujhe bhool gaya.. so the first song is dedicated to her .. ( Meri aadat hai aksar mai bhool jata hoon.. ! )

I am confident you both would be able to relate to many songs from the seventies.. and yes I did like the song from The Great Gambler that was shared by you on May 6.. it has not only been added to the list it tops the list in your honour.

Abhaya Sharma May 8 2017.

Dear Ram , I have used an image from facebook without your true consent.. I believe you would not mind it so much..


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