Begum Akhtar – Ghazal Queen of India

मेरे हमनफ़स, मेरे हमनवा, मुझे दोस्त बन के दग़ा न दे
मैं हूँ दर्द-ए-इश्क़ से जाँ-ब-लब, मुझे ज़िंदगी की दुआ न दे
Whenever Begum Akhtar comes up for discussion she would always be remembered as Ghazal Queen from India – If I say that I had always known her exceptional talent and phenomenal Ghazal Gayaki.. I would be cheating myself.. I did not really know much of Begum Sahiba besides the General Knowledge.. I never had much of an opportunity to incline towards her kind of Music yet I now know her slightly better though not enough to do complete justice with her influential musical renditions.. It is hoped that the Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane in future would include besides the 16 songs a possible listing of videos that might highlight the information on some of the great contributors to Indian Music.. and at times documentaries might find place in such compilations themselves.. It is hoped that you would enjoy quite a few of her work presented here.. my favourite could be ‘Aye mohabbat tere anjaam pe ronaa aaya..’ and ‘Deewana banana hai to deewana bana dei..’ among several others..

रुपये में सोलह गाने – बेगम अख्तर
1. मेरे हमनफ़स मेरे हमनवां – शकील बदायूंनी – खय्याम
2. वो जो हम में तुम में करार था – मोमिन खान मोमिन – खय्याम
3. ऐ मोहब्बत तेरे अंजाम पे रोना आया – शकील बदायूंनी – मुरली मनोहर स्वरूप
4. हमरी अटरिया पे आओ – भैरवी में दादरा –
5. कुछ तो दुनिया की इनायत ने दिल तोड़ दिया – सुदर्शन फकीर – बेगम अख्तर
6. ये ना थी हमारी किस्मत – मिर्ज़ा गालिब –
7. तबीयत इन दिनों बेगाना ए गम होती जाती है – जिगर मुरादाबादी
8. इश्क में गैरत-ए-ज़ज्बात ने रोने न दिया – सुदर्शन फ़कीर
9. शाम-ए-फ़िराक अब न पूछ – फ़ैज़ अहमद फ़ैज़
10. कोयलिया मत कर पुकार –
11. दीवाना बनाना है तो दीवाना बना दे – बॅहज़ाद लखनवी – बेगम अख्तर
12. मेरे नसीब ने जब मुझसे इंतकाम लिया –
13. फिर मुझे दीदा-ए-तर याद आया – मिर्ज़ा गालिब
14. भर भर आईं मोरी अंखियां – जलसाघर
15. लाई हयात आये – इब्राहिम ज़ौंक
16. दिल की बात कही नही जाती

अभय शर्मा मुंबई 18 मई 2017
PostScript : Three Gazals have been added at the cost of three other entries at the suggestion of Dear Nitin..
And few documentaries for you .. Yaadein Begum Akhtar – Rajya Sabha TV ..

For one more I have found as more compelling..

Abhaya Sharma, Mumbai 17 May 2017
Dedications: Arundhati (A Physics Trainee from our batch) who celebrates her birthday today.. She married the batchmate M.S. Somayazulu.. Wishing her the very best on her birthday today.. I know she may probably not have much in common with Begum Akhtar or not know much of her exceptional talent.. yet the gift is nevertheless dedicated to her and dear Somayazulu and son Achintya..!!!

Addendum : May 21 2017 : I just learned of the death of Joye L. Kansal, wife of a dear school friend Ajay Kansal on May 17 (Kendriya Vidyalaya, IIT Delhi 1973-1976) .. The post is also dedicated to her.. It is wished that some of the Ghazals here may provide solace to dear Ajay..

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