Joye Lou Kansal – RIP

I never met Joye Lou Kansal, wife of a dear schoolmate Ajay Kansal (KV, IIT Delhi).. yet when I did learn of her death a couple of days ago.. rather after good four days of her heavenly abode, I was taken aback.. Here I was trying to find some answers to myself, in this fast world with several means of connecting and knowing the other we might have been interested.. Have we really achieved being in touch with the dear and near ones.. I find the answer to be an emphatic NO!! ..  Sad, to hear of your loss dear Ajay.. I would have loved to create a fresh Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane sequel specifically for Joye yet here I am dedicating a Geeta Dutt sequel to her.. Here one could find some of the most prominent duets from Guru Dutt films and a few solo numbers from his films sung by Geeta Dutt that could not be included in the first and second appearances of Geeta Dutt at RMSG posts.. I know these songs may or may not have much to do with Joye yet I chose to address and dedicate the set of these sixteen songs to her memories for you.. Hum aapki ankhon mei Is dil Ko basa dein to.. Rest in peace dear Joye.. and dear Ajay and the beautiful family – Asha Lou, Abby Kansal and Jai Kansal, may you all derive strength to lead a happy life without dearest Joye..

And dear kids (Asha, Abby and Jai) if you have not heard much of Hindi songs this is an opportunity for you to discover the magic the old Hindi songs weave around.. atleast there is one song in the list which even I had not heard before.. the one from the film Baaz.. Geeta Dutt was wife of the noted film maker Guru Dutt from India.. who made all time great film Pyaasa.. I do not know if you could read Hindi having born and brought up in US.. still to make the RMSG complete I would love to add the listing of the songs in Hindi..

रुपये में सोलह गाने – गीता दत्त तृतीय खंड

1. हम आपकी आंखों में इस दिल को बस दें तो – प्यासा
2. जा जा जा वेवफ़ा – आर-पार
3. सुन सुन ज़लिमा – आर-पार
4. जाने कहां मेर जिगर गया जी – मिस्टर एंड मिसेज़ 55
5. उधर तुम हसीं हो – – मिस्टर एंड मिसेज़ 55
6. मोहब्बत कर लो जी भर लो – आर-पार
7. चल दिये बंदा नवाज़ – मिस्टर एंड मिसेज़ 55
8. हूं अभी मैं जवां ऐ दिल – आर-पार
9. कोई दूर से आवाज़ दे चले आओ – साहिब बीबी और गुलाम
10. तुम जो हुये मेरे हमसफ़र – 12 ओ’ क्लॉक
11. ऐ दिल है मुश्किल है जीना यहां – सी आई डी
12. अरे ना ना तौबा तौबा – आर-पार
13. ऐ दिल ऐ दीवाने – बाज़
14. प्रीतम आन मिलो – मिस्टर एंड मिसेज़ 55
15. कैसा जादू बलम तूने डाला – 12 ओ’ क्लॉक
16. नीले आसमानी – मिस्टर एंड मिसेज़ 55

अभय शर्मा, मुंबई 24 मई 2017

Post Script: This dedication is in addition to a short induction as my first reaction of remembering Joye at Begum Akhtar post and after the top 10 songs I compiled at spotify for her that were linked as comment to one of my post on her at KV IIT batch of 1976 at Facebook..

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