Ghulam Ali – Another Gazal King

Ghulam Ali Sahab is yet another Gazal maestro from across the border who has had numerous fans on either side of LoC.. Such is his magic that though I was more of an admirer of songs from the popular Hindi cinema and maybe a bit of a lover of Gazals by Jagjit Singh.. I did get to listen Ghulam Ali Sahab much more often than I may have heard the legendary Mehdi Hassan Sahab. though my favourite unlike my brother Alok da’s Chupke Chupke raat din.. or generally popular Hungama Hai Kyun Barpa.. was the more flamboyant and unusual Yeh dil yeh p[agal dil mera.. many of his Gazals have had great following in India and this suggests that music and art forms do not know borders.. they do not wait for obtaining passport and visa.. Please give a big hand to Janaab Ghulam Ali Sahab.. and Insha allah I declare that I would not miss my next opportunity to hear him live if he does perform in Mumbai.. I do not want to repeat what happened to my deep attachment to late Jagjit Singh.. that I never had heard him live I never saw him from a hand shaking distance.. If I get an opportunity I would surely love to touch and feel Ghulam Ali Sahab.. I take you to the world of his famous and popular Gazals in this episode of Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane.. with the hope that you would enjoy the collection..

रुपये में सोलह गाने – गुलाम अली

1. ये दिल ये पागल दिल मेरा – आवारगी
2. हमको किसके गम ने मारा – महफ़िल में बार बार
3. हम तेरे शहर में आये हैं – आवरगी
4. हंगामा है क्युं बरपा – गोल्डन कॅलैक्शन -1
5. वो जो हम में तुम में करार था – गोल्डन कॅलैक्शन -2
6. अपनी धुन में रहता हूं – महफ़िल में बार बार
7. दिल में इक लहर सी उठी है अभी
8. हमें तो अब भी वो गुज़रा ज़माना याद है
9. कुछ दिन तो बसो मेरी आंखों में – गोल्डन कॅलैक्शन -2
10. कल चौदहवीं की रात थी –
11. फासले ऐसे भी होंगे
12. तुम्हारे खत में नया इक सलाम किसका था –
13. पत्ता पत्ता बूटा बूटा – गोल्डन कॅलैक्शन -1
14. की पूछ दे ओ हाल फ़कीरों दा
15. चमकते चांद को टूटा हुआ – आवारगी
16. चुपके चुपके रात दिन – निकाह

अभय शर्मा मुंबई 20 जून 2017

Post Script Dedications : the collection is dedicated to a dear friend from Hindu College – Ajay Kumar Dhir and dear Alok Da (surprisingly, as he is not among the living) and a host of friends and family members who have loved him and his Gazal Gayaki as much as I did.. The collection is also dedicated to Salim Arif and his wife Lubna Salim for those two wonderful days at Prithvi theatre on May 13 and May 14.. I had to include one of my favourite gazal Kal chaudhavin ki raat thee at the cost of another.. it is all right.. here the list is planned, organised, led and controlled by me.. some other day I might include some more Gazals by him in another sequel of Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane..