Raj Kapoor : The Showman

Raj Kapoor is considered one of the greatest showman of Hindi Cinema.. Some of his films were runaway success not only in India but in Russia and China as well.. I have tried to pick up the the most popular songs from some of his biggest hits.. Awara, Anari, Barsaat, and Shree 420 are some of his best films to date.. I have failed to include a song from Andaz.. as the top numbers were not picturised on him.. I could also not include a song from his first film Aag.. of course there were considerations for many other films yet they had to be left out for my restriction to 16 songs.. I have tried to pick only one song from a film.. and I have not repeated the songs which were used in an earlier compilation on Mukesh ji.. it is hoped that the collection is liked if not exactly loved by ardent admirers of Hindi cinema.. The order is not important though it follows the popularity on youtube.. which for some songs could be erroneous.. for example.. Chhod gaye balam was hugely popular number.. there were far more popular songs from Barsaat but they were not picturised on him.. Do let me know if you like..
and if you have some suggestions.. The Rupaye mei Solah Gaane is dedicated to the entire Kapoor clan who have served hindi cinema for four generations now.. my personal favourite from the list is Sab Kuchh Sekha Humne naa seekhi hoshiyaari.. from the wonderful film Anari directed by Hrishi Da..

Abhaya Sharma June 29 2017
Psost Script : Please give me some time to compile the listing in Hindi.. and yes.. in future the hindi listings would be linked to my drupal site at abhayas.org/drupal where one could find the lyrics and further details about the songs.. Select Raj Kapoor Songs at Drupal I also dedicate the RMSG on RK to RK Jain bhaisahab who celebrates his birthday today..

रुपये में सोलह गाने – राज कपूर
1. जाने कहां गये वो दिन – मेरा नाम जोकर (1970)
2. इक दिन बिक जायेगा – धरम करम (1975)
3. आजा सनम मधुर चांदनी में हम – चोरी चोरी (1956)
4. मेरा जूता है जापानी – श्री 420 (1955)
5. आवारा हूं या गर्दिश में हूं – आवारा (1951)
6. सब कुछ सीखा हमने – अनाडी (1959)
7. लागा चुनरी में दाग – दिल ही तो है (1963)
8. मेरे मन की गंगा और तेरे मन की जमुना – संगम (1964)
9. दुनिया बनाने वाले – तीसरी कसम (1966)
10. आंसू भरी है – परवरिश
11. आ जा रे अब मेरा दिल पुकारा – आह
12. चले जाना ज़रा ठहरो – ऍराउंड दि वर्ल्ड
13. डम डम डिगा डिगा – छलिया
14. होंठों पे सच्चाई रहती है – जिस देश में गंगा बहती है
15. मुझे तुमसे कुछ भी न चाहिये – कन्हैया (1959)
16. छोड़ गये बालम – बरसात (1949)

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