A Great Father

Late Shri Prabhakar Sharma, our father was a man of few words.. I have not known him as much as a son would have loved to know his father.. we all would often talk to him through our mother.. He was a disciplined and a man of certain principles.. he would speak only when it was almost essential.. a quality which I loved though I have hardly put it in practice myself.. It was this day in 1994 a few months after the death of Alok Da..
I almost always found him to be a highly supportive father.. He was not so much of a man who loved cinema or expressed himself on the subject of music.. so it is really a difficult task to compile a Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane for him.. much of the songs selected here are more of a speculation.. he was a religious man.. I believe he liked Balraj Sahni and Prithvitraj Kapoor though what is known with some certainty is that he would have possibly enjoyed listening to devotional songs.. and it should be evident from my compilation here that he had a great respect for Lord Rama.. the only time he took us to cinema hall was in Calcutta.. when we were on our way to Port Blair.. it was a little known Hrishikesh Mukherjee film.. Sabse Bada Sukh.. He would often visit Ayodhya during Ram Navami.. and that alone has given me an inkling to his liking for Lord Rama.. our Pranaams to his soul

Abhaya Sharma, July 1 2017
Post Script : He was born with some intuitive powers when it came to palmistry yet he never made it his profession..

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