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Guru Dutt Sahab is one man everyone in Hindi Cinema would agree was blessed with great abilities both as an actor and director.. I would say he was more of a director could also act brilliantly.. his films like Pyaasa, Kagaz Ke Phool (though a failure at box office then) and Baazi (he did not act in it) are some of the best directorial works of Hindi cinema.. it is a bit tragic that such a great genius as he was had committed suicide.. Well we are here to celebrate his birth anniversary today.. and surprisingly it is also the birthday of yet another great actor Sanjeev Kumar or Haribhai as he was popularly known.. and yet another that of dear Tabassum.. who may not have made as big successful actor she definitely had a very long career in terms of years.. however she is part of another RMSG sequel which actually should not be called RMSG specifically.. Coming back to Guru Dutt sahab.. he is no stranger to RMSG lovers.. his wife Geeta Dutt is probably the richest in terms of Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane.. she has four sequels on her.. so I could actually have left out doing a RMSG on Guru Dutt.. yet that would be wrong.. such artists like him and Sanjeev Kumar are not born every day.. I would also try and do a RMSG on Haribhai if it is possible.. for brevity songs from films like Bharosa, Chaudhavin Ka Chand have been included besides only the most popular songs which may have already made appearances here. ‘ Jaane Wo Kaise Log Thhe Jinke.. ‘ makes probably most appearances..

Abhaya Sharma, Mumbai July 09 2017

Dedications : The Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane is dedicated to his birth anniversary.. specific preferences for me in the list include Waqt Ne Kiya Kyaa haseen sitam.. and Jinhen Naaz Hai Hind par wo Kahaan Hai.. from his top two films Kagaz Ke Phool and Pyaasa..
रुपये में सोलह गाने – गुरु दत्त

1. चौदहवीं का चांद हो या आफ़ताब हो – चौदहवीं का चांद
2. जाने वो कैसे लोग थे जिनके – प्यासा
3. बाबू जी धीरे चलना – आर पार
4. वक्त ने किया क्या हसीं सितम – कागज़ के फूल
5. ये दुनिया अगर मिल भी जाये तो क्या है – प्यासा
6. यही है वो सांझ और सवेरा – सांझ और सवेरा
7. जिन्हे नाज़ है हिंद पर वो कहां है – प्यासा
8. इस भरी दुनिया में कोई भी हमारा न हुआ – भरोसा
9. सुन सुन ज़ालिमा – आर पार
10. देखी ज़माने की यारी – कागज़ के फूल
11. मिली खाक में मुहब्बत – चौदहवीं का चांद
12. उधर तुम हसीं हो – मिस्टर एंड मिसेज़ 55
13. मोहब्बत कर लो जी भर लो – आर पार
14. चल दिये बंदा नवाज़ – मिस्टर एंड मिसेज़ 55
15. ऐ जी दिल पर हुआ ऐसा जादू – मिस्टर एंड मिसेज़ 55
16. अब तो जी होने लगा – मिस्टर एंड मिसेज़ 55

अभय शर्मा 19 जुलाई 2017

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