Tabassum – The First Great TV Host

Tabassum Ji was on my mind ever since I had accidentally discovered an article on how brother Amitabh Bachchan had saved her life.. I believe she was unbelievable as an anchor of that TV program we all grew up watching in the early Television days.. Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan.. often seeing it on TV of others on a couple of occasions from the windows.. for lack of space due to its popularity.. Tabassum ji started acting at very young age.. maybe one could say she was born to act .. yet in her long career of over six decades.. she achieved height of performances in her Doordarshan Bombay presentation.. I think it was aired on Fridays.. and if I remember right it was possibly repeated next morning as well.. I am not very confident of it though.. Here I have compiled some of the episodes from her Youtube channel Tabassum Talkies – where she has reinvented some of the prominent figures of Hindi Cinema that were part of her epic program.. a program I learn that ran for 21 consecutive years.. Maybe Rajat Sharma’s Apki Adalat alone can match with it in the modern times for its longevity.. My personal preferences have mostly been with brother Amitabh Bachchan yet I really wanted to include some of the programs from lesser appreciated yet well known artists like David, Om Prakash and many like them I feel I have not been able to incorporate some very many interesting programs here.. as the sequel is limited to 16 entries.. I would do additional RMSG on her in future.. The ones I missed would be covered in a new sequel.. notably Dr. Shreeram Lagoo, Lalita Pawar, Surendra Nath, Gope etc.

Abhaya Sharma July 9 2017
Dedications : Though I had promised myself I would find out about her residence and possibly go to meet her and wish her in person with a bouquet of flowers.. it was not to be.. it is all right.. Agar insaan ki har ichchha poori ho jaaye to vo insaan kahaan rah jayega.. my love for Meena Kumari should still take me to her someday.. as it does appear that she has known The Great Meena Kumari from close quarters..

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