Heartiest Greetings For Janmashtami

Many parts of the country are celebrating Janmashtami today.. Those who do may find a small effort on compiling a second Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane for the occasion .. Maharashtra has far greater celebrations for the Dahi kala.. the Govinda festival is indeed on the next day of his birth.. and is quite a celebration with Dahi Handis seen all over the Mumbai streets.. and troupes take great pride and prizes that come along while breaking the Handi..
There are several songs dedicated to Lord Krishna in Hindi cinema.. I may not have heard many of them.. and I have included 3 non-film Bhajans.. notably one by Anup Jalota could be classified as either a Rama or a Krishna Bhajan.. Meerabai had been in true love with Lord Krishna and had composed several verses to describe that love.. here we have one of the Meera Bhajan sung by two different great artists Geeta Dutt and Lata Mangeshkar in the same post..

Abhaya Sharma August 14 2017

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