Salil Chowdhury – The Musical Genius

Those who have not heard much of Salil Da may not agree with the tag of genius esp. when his contribution to Hindi Cinema does not show up itself in numbers.. well.. I tend to disagree with them.. K. Asif probably never made another film after Mughal-e-Azam.. yet that can not deny the fact that he made the best Hindi film ever.. similarly Guru Dutt Sahab may have acted in a handful of movies yet he was no less than an actor compared to say say brother Amitabh Bachchan or Dilip Sahab.. On the same tone, we may also find Manna Dey to be among among the top playback singers..
Salil Chowdhury or Salil Da is that music director who may not have numbers to speak for him but the quality of his music is evident in each of his songs from say Anand, Rajnigandha Madhumati and quite a few others.. and to tell you the truth I have not repeated a number from any of the films.. not even Anand.. where all the songs could actually walk into any playlist of top songs by him..
One of my favourite ‘Kahin Door jab Din Dhal Jayen..’ from Anand could not make it to the Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane for Salil Da..

Abhaya Sharma August 14 2017
Dedications : 14 August has lot of events marked on my calendar, it is the birthday of dear Dr. Nandita Sharma Srigiriraju.. one of the closest family member maybe as close as dear Alok Da.. The first song of the list from Anand ‘Maine Tere Liye Hi ..” is dedicated to her..
It is also the Independence day of Pakistan.. hundreds of great Hindi cinema folks were born and brought up in that land before they moved to Mumbai.. Best wishes to the Pakistanis on their most important day.. ‘Jaa Re Jaa Re Udja Re Panchhi.. Baharon Ke Desh Jaa Re ‘is dedicated to them.. Though we would love their return to their original fold of India..
There are copule of other birthdays.. Sarvesh Gaur, younger brother of Savita.. The Mere Apne song ‘Koi hota jisko apna ..’ which is very dear to me is dedicated to him.. and it is also the birthday of Kishore Bhatt in UK, I dedicate the song from Anndata.. ‘Nain Hamaare Saanjh Sakhare..’ to him..
On this day we had also lost a scintillating and Rocking star of Hindi Cinema .. a personal favourite ‘Kai Baar Yun Bhi Dekha Hai..’ from Rajnigandha is dedicated to the memories of Shammi Kapoor Sahab..
Addendum : Point Noted Dr. Nandita.. Suhana Safar leaves the stage and so does the Tasvir Teri Dil Mein the repeat song from Maya.. You had been very observant without the list available.. The song from Usne Kaha thha was always planned to be included somehow the finalisation was not implemented as such.. thanks for valuable corrections and suggestions..

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