Happy INdependence Day India

The moment India was born is about to arrive in a few minutes from now.. Way back in 1947 India earned its freedom though it came at the cost of its partition into India and Pakistan.. well.. One can not do a much about what happened though some of the bloodshed was truly devastating for hundreds and thousands of families..
I love India as much as I love being a human being.. Here the compilation was quite difficult as some of the modern songs have had huge popularity in the mind of millions of Indians.. I had to forgo the thought of including Aye Watan Aye watan from Shaheed.. and another song Watan Ki Raah Mei Watan Ke naujawan Shaheed ho.. from another film tilted Shaheed.. I did have to leave out a couple of very popular new numbers as well in Yeh Duniya ek Dulhan from Pardes and Yeh Jo Desh Hai tera from Swades.. and maybe I would have loved to not to be biased yet it is difficult to say if I have done a good job.. I truly wanted to include Mile Sur Mera Tumhara .. I could not and that has been decided to be the featured song for my drupal site for the Independence day..

Jai Hind
Abhaya Sharma August 15 2017 12.02 AM


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