Gaurish Weds Swati

December 13 2017 : Kumar Gaurish and Swati were married at the ITC Welcome in Dwarka..

Here I present a collection of songs that actually was planned for Bhrigu and Ajeeta wedding on November 24 and Shaleen and Nishtha wedding on October 31 but it did not materialise then..

May the newly wed couples have a strong bonding and affection for each other in an association of life time..

Our best Wishes to Gaurish and Swati (December 13) and to Bhrigu and Ajeeta (November 24).. and a little earlier to Shaleen and Nishtha (October 31)..

Most of the song featured here actually were part of the Gents joining the Ladies Sangeet on December 14 at the residence of Suresh Bhaisahab..

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