cropped-family1-1.jpgThis blog is mainly dedicated to the family of Pandit Kanti Chandra Ji.. he was married to Kalavati Sharma, they had four sons and three daughters - Prabhakar, Diwakar, Sudhakar and Kamlakar the sons and Savitri, Shakuntala and Saroj were the daughters.

In turn my father, Prabhakar Sharma married the only daughter of Pandit Durga Dutt Shastri, incidentally her name was also Shakuntala. He had still bigger family of eight sons and three daughters yet I must say what a great man he must have been, everyone was a minimum of a graduate with the exception of Shashi jiji.

family1Among the pictures I am still looking for a picture of Sudhakar Chacha ji.. and maybe I would also love to get better picture of lado buaji and phuphaji..

Pandit Kanti Chandra Ji
Shrimati Kalavati Devi
Prabhakar Sharma
Prabhakar Sharma
Savitri Mishra
Diwakar Sharma
Pandit Diwakar Sharma
Shakuntala Soti ( Lado Bua)
Kamlakar Sharma
Saroj Kashyap
Saroj Kashyap