Bob Marley – Is This Love

Bob Marley is one of those Reggae singer who did influence me a good deal when I had first come to Mumbai .. I must add here that indeed he left quite an impression on my mind..

Today's Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane (RMSG) is dedicated to him.. and is also a gift to dear Vipul.. one of the member of the family who actually loved him more than me.. Today being his birthday.. I present this as a birthday gift to dear Vipul.. Did I say or express that after Alok da here is a brother in the family who I love unconditionally.. one of my most favourite family member is a highly successful man in life.. Wishing him success and more glory on his birthday today.

Vaibhav is also another member in the family who knows and loves much more about Bob Marley than I do.. so this second dedication is to him.. 

Abhaya Sharma, April 21 2017

Ram Gopalan, at FB that commented he had been to his house in Kingston at Jamaica.. Ram has been one of the top subscriber to my idea of Rupaye Mei Solah ganne.. 

In fact I dedicated one on May 8 2017 to him and his wife and my Hindu college colleague Kavita Murthi..