Gaurish Weds Swati

December 13 2017 : Kumar Gaurish and Swati were married at the ITC Welcome in Dwarka..

Here I present a collection of songs that actually was planned for Bhrigu and Ajeeta wedding on November 24 and Shaleen and Nishtha wedding on October 31 but it did not materialise then..

May the newly wed couples have a strong bonding and affection for each other in an association of life time..

Our best Wishes to Gaurish and Swati (December 13) and to Bhrigu and Ajeeta (November 24).. and a little earlier to Shaleen and Nishtha (October 31)..

Most of the song featured here actually were part of the Gents joining the Ladies Sangeet on December 14 at the residence of Suresh Bhaisahab..

Bhrigu Dev Weds Ajeeta

These then are some of the pictures that were taken at Ghaziabad, Moradabad at the wedding ceremony of dear Bhrigu Dev (Sunny) with Ajeeta.. November 24 2017

Bhupinder Singh

May I take this opportunity to introduce you to the world of songs and gazals of Bhupinder Singh.. The first time I myself noticed him was with Gharonda and Mausam songs he had sung so beautifully.. I had known him from Masoom song but not so well at that time.. my interest in him was harnessed after Alok da suggested about his great songs and then Gharonda ‘Ek Akela Is Shahar Mein ..’ song which I had loved all along became a favourite..
In fact I was also in love with Amol Palekar ever after I had seen Chhoti Si Baat and Chitchor.. and Mausam was based on the subject of a novel which we had all read – Agaami Ateet by Kamleshwar.. however, I had still not learned to give credit to the lyricists till I realised the words were equally important.. and Shailendra, Sahir Ludhianvi and Gulzar were inherited from Alok da once again.. Though I still could not displace Amitabh Bachchan for say Sanjeev Kumar.. probably Alok Da’s first choice among actors.. it is all right I did not want to loose my complete identity for a brother, friend and a mentor.. his first choice here would have been Dil Dhoondhata hai phir wohi pursat ke raat din..
Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane – Bhupinder Singh
b. February 6 1940

Dedications : The RMSG is dedicated to the man himself – Bhupinder Singh.. with sincere thanks for his acceptance of my fried request at FB messenger.. and to an extent to the memories of Alok Da.. esp.. the featured song from Gharonda.. has been moved up as have a couple of other songs.. otherwise the youtube popularity is retained..
All along I had not known that Bhupinder Sir had also acted in Haqeeqat besides being a part of the great song on the lives of soldiers – Hoke Majboor Mujhe Usne Bhulaya Hoga.. Hats off to the great singer.. Salaam Lijiye..
Huzoor is kadar bhi na itara ke chaliye is a mesmerising song as is Naam Gum Jaayega.. I shall for completeness someday add the list of the sixteen songs by him in Hindi and possibly link them to Drupal site.. Fort the benefit of music lovers, Bhupinder ji already has a page dedicated to him at the drupal songbooks.. which is not restricted to 16 songs and would be under constant updates as well.. it is hoped that my selection though primarily restricted to his films songs is nevertheless loved by one and all.. Hindi film industry has definitely not done justice to his huge talent.. I believe it is all right.. I did miss an opportunity to listen him live at Khazana 2017 mainly for lack of company and to a lesser extent for its somewhat exorbitant price..

Abhaya Sharma August 9 2017

रुपये में सोलह गाने – भूपिंदर सिंह

  1. एक अकेला इस शहर में – घरौंदा
  2. हुज़ूर इस कदर भी न इतरा के चलिये – मासूम
  3. नाम गुम जायेगा – किनारा
  4. दिल ढूंढता है फिर वही – मौसम
  5. होके मजबूर मुझे उसने भुलाया होगा – हकीकत
  6. किसी नज़र को तेरा इंतज़ार आज भी है – ऐतबार
  7. दो दीवाने शहर में – घरौंदा
  8. एक ही ख्बाब कई बार देखा है – किनारा
  9. मीठे बोल बोले बोले पायलिया – किनारा
  10. ज़िंदगी मेरे घर आना – दूरियां
  11. बीति ना बिताये रैना – परिचय
  12. बोलिये सुरीली बोलियां – गृह प्रवेश
  13. बादलों से – सत्या
  14. आवाज़ दी है आज एक नज़र ने – ऐतबार
  15. सावन के दिन आये सजनवा – भूमिका
  16. ज़िंदगी फूलों की नही – गृह प्रवेश

अभय शर्मा 17 अगस्त 2017

Mukesh – Top Duets

Mukesh – Birth Anniversary Special
( b. 22 July 1923 d. 27 August 1976)
Mukesh sung hundreds of great duet songs of Hindi Cinema yet with a restriction of sixteen songs for a Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane sequel I have been limited to atmost one song per film and it has been tried to highlight some of the songs from non-Raj Kapoor films.. an effort has been made to include songs featuring Asha Bhosle, Sudha Malhotra, Suman Kalyanpur besides the illustrious Lata Mangeshkar.. who truly dominated the top duets by Mukesh .. so please give him a big hand for some wonderful duets he sung for Hindi cinema.. featuring Manoj Kumar, Jeetendra, Dilip Kumar, Rajendra Kumar, Sunil Dutt, Dharmendra, Feroze Khan, Shammi Kapoor and a few others .. not every actor could be included.. as the collection here is limited to the duets.. Amitabh Bachchan (Kabhi Kabhie title song was on my mind, yet it missed out as it is not truly a duet), Rajesh Khanna, Shashi Kapoor and Sanjeev Kumar missed as well.. it is all right I believe.. they were all part of the earlier RMSG on Mukesh.. or have songs by him included in other RMSGs

रुपये में सोलह गाने – मुकेश युगल गीत

1. क्या खूब लगती हो बडी सुंदर दिखती हो – धर्मात्मा
2. किसी राह में किसी मोड़ पर – मेरे हमसफ़र
3. महबूब मेरे महबूब मेरे – पत्थर के सनम
4. सावन का महीना पवन करे सोर – मिलन
5. इक प्यार का नगमा है – शोर
6. धीरे धीरे बोल कोई सुन न ले – गोरा और काला
7. मैं ना भूलूंगा – रोटी कपड़ा और मकान
8. फूल तुम्हें भेजा है खत में – सरस्वतीचंद्र
9. कहीं करती होगी वो मेरा इंतज़ार – फिर कब मिलोगी
10. जे हम तुम चोरी से – धरती कहे पुकार के
11. तुम अगर भूल भी जाओ तो ये हक है तुमको – दीदी
12. दिल तड़प तड़प के कह रहा है – मधुमति
13. हम दोनो मिलके कागज़ पे दिल के – तुम्हारी कसम
14. हमसफ़र मेरे हमसफ़र – पूर्णिमा
15. मेरा प्यार भी तू है – साथी
16. दुनिया वालों से दूर जलने वालों से दूर – उजाला

अभय शर्मा 22 जुलाई 2017
As an afterthought another playlist featuring Mukesh duets from RK films has been created, duets with Geeta Dutt and Sharda have moved here and by including the RK duets some of the best songs have also been made a part of the Top duets, after all many rightly think that playback singer Mukesh was the voice of Raj Kapoor, thus sanity has prevailed and most of his best duets have now been included :
रुपये में सोलह गाने – मुकेश आर के युगल

1. रमैया वस्तावैया – श्री 420
2. ओ मेरे सनम ओ मेरे सनम – संगम
3. हर दिल जो प्यार करेगा – संगम
4. दम भर जो इधर मुंह फेरे – आवारा
5. दिल की नज़र से – अनाडी
6. वो चांद खिला वो तारे हंसे – अनाडी
7. आ जा रे अब मेरा दिल पुकारा – आह
8. चले जाना जरा ठहरो – एरॉउंड दॅ वर्ल्ड
9. जाने ना नज़र पहचाने जिगर – आह
10. खयालों में किसी के इस तरह आया नही करते – बावरे नैन
11. छोड़ गये बालम – बरसात
12. तेरे हमसफ़र गीत हैं तेरे – धरम करम
13. मेरी जान कुछ भी कीजिये – छलिया
14. हम भी है तुम भी हो – जिस देश में गंगा बहती है
15. दाग न लग जाये – मेरा नाम जोकर
16. पतली कमर है तिरछी नज़र है – बरसात

अभय शर्मा 22 जुलाई 2017

Anand Bakshi – Birth Anniversary

Anand Bakshi- Birth Anniversary Special
(b. 21 July 1930 d. 30 March 2004)
Anand Bakshi Sahab became the talk of the Town with superhit success the songs of Do Raaste received.. his simplicity attracted the cinegoers and lovers of Hindi Music in a large way.. the great songs from Hare Rama Hare Krishna,Aradhana, Kati Patang.. Aan Milo Sajna further established his poition.. he was now considered as one of the major key to success of a song and a film in early seventies along with the popular trio of RD Burman, Kishore Kumar and Rajesh Khanna ..
There have been many great songs written and composed by him and tough only 16 could be included here.. I beleive I would be including some of his songs in future RMSGs ..
I return with the additions, deletions and listing of the songs in Hindi sand possible link to my drupal music site besides the playlist, Anand Bakshi may not have been as much of a genius as Sahir Ludhianvi or Shailendra yet he definitely matched the most prolific Majrooh Sultanpuri in his popularity among Hindi cinema lovers..
There has been a major revisions in the song contents.. I expected it as I had not truly done my research on possible songs to be included here.. the criteria here at RMSGs mostly has been reflecting the popularity.. some songs make an exit and some new songs also make up for a particular movie esp. in the case for Julie and Bobby.. and even Kati Patang, Do Raaste and Mehboob Ki Mehndi too swapped for new songs.. there has been a brand new addition in Do Lafzon Ki Hai Dil Ki Kahaani.. which had rocked the mid-seventies and emerged as one of the best among romantic songs of all times.. the song was rendered by Asha Bhosle with inputs also from Amitabh Bachchan and little known Sharat Kumar with music by Rahul Dev Burman.. I am quite sure I may have really missed some of the new songs by Anand Bakshi Sahab.. I believe I am somewhat convinced with my these selections..

Abhaya Sharma compiled on JUly 21 2017
The list has been put up today..on July 22 2017.. and it is time to do another birth anniversary for Melodious Mukesh..

रुपये में सोलह गाने – आनंद बख्शी

1. मुझे तेरी मोहब्बत का सहारा मिल गया होता – आप आये बहार आई
2. कोरा कागज़ था ये मन मेरा – आराधना
3. मेरे महबूब कयामत होगी – मि. ऍक्स इन बॉम्बे
4. ये जो मोहब्बत है – कटी पतंग
5. मैं शायर तो नही – बॉबी
6. दो लफ़्ज़ों की है दिल की कहानी – दि ग्रेट गैम्बलर
7. ये रेशमी जुल्फ़ें ये शरबती आंखें – दो रास्ते
8. ये जो चिलमन है दुश्मन है हमारी – महबूब की मेंहदी
9. चिंगारी कोई भड़के – अमर प्रेम
10. आज मौसम बड़ा बेईमान है – लोफ़र
11. ये शमा शमा है ये प्यार का – जब जब फूल खिले
12. भूल गया सब कुछ – जूली
13. आदमी मुसाफिर है – अपनापन
14. आदमी जो कहता है – मजबूर
15. दिये जलते हैं फूल खिलते हैं – नमक हराम
16. दम मारो दम मिट जाये गम – हरे रामा हरे कृष्णा

अभय शर्मा 23 जुलाई 2017

Magnanimous Madhubala

One possibly could not think of Mughal-e-Azam without Madhubala and it was master stroke of K Asif that his movie ranks as number one in my charts of top 10 Hindi movies of all time.. Of course there can always be more choices for second, third and other places but many cinegoers would not cast doubt about my first choice.. though besides Madhubala.. the credit also goes to Prithviraj Kapoor Sahab in his larger than life portrayal of Mughal Samrat.. The likes of Dilip Kumar and Naushad Ali also made a huge contribution to the success of best film ever made till date.. yet I have not taken every song from the film.. All Shakeel Badayuni songs were exceptional and Lata Mangeshkar in some of these songs truly must have had her first high peak in an illustrious career .. and the ones I have taken could not be left out when one talks of Madhubala and Mughal-e-Azam.. .. other songs from Dulari, Half Ticket and Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi were more or less expected to be there in the Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane sequel on India’s most magnanimous looking Madhubala.. Only The Great Meena Kumari and Nargis Dutt could compete with her in those early days of Hindi cinema for assured success of a film on their basis alone.. Have a great time.. and though there could be dedications to others.. this particular series is dedicated to person from Hindi cinema to Pran Sahab and Dara Singh who died on this day with a gap of one year between them.. Dara Singh ji in 2012 and Pran Sahab a year later in 2013.. both are known to be very generous persons from the industry.. and it is likely that they may not find a Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane featuring them I chose to remember them specially with something unique.. and Madhubala emerged on the scene.. the list has been corrected and after a bit of surprise the a duet from Phagun has been brought down..

रुपये में सोलह गाने – मधुबाला
1. प्यार किया तो डरना क्या – मुगल-ए-आज़म
2. आइये मेहरबां – हावड़ा ब्रिज
3. मोहब्बत की झूठी कहानी पे रोये – मुगल-ए-आज़म
4. खुदा निगेहबान हो तुम्हारा – मुगल-ए-आज़म
5. सब कुछ लुटा के होश में आये – एक साल
6. एक लड़की भीगी भागी सी – चलती का नाम गाडी
7. हाल कैसा है जनाब का – चलती का नाम गाडी
8. इक परदेसी मेरा दिल ले गया – फागुन
9. चांद रात तुम हो साथ – हाफ टिकट
10. मैं सितारों का तराना – चलती का नाम गाडी
11. ज़िंदगी भर नही भूलेगी – बरसात की रात
12. ठंडी हवा ये चांदनी सुहानी – झुमरू
13. नैन मिले नैन हुये बावरे – तराना
14. आयेगा आयेगा आनेवाला – महल
15. ऐ दिल तुझे कसम है – दुलारी
16. जाने वाले से मुलाकात न होने पायी – अमर

Abhaya Sharma 12 July 2017

Sanjeev Kumar – The Superactor

Very few in the Hindi cinema would disagree with my observation that Sanjeev Kumar or Haribhai Jariwala was a superactor.. if we have had superstars and superheroes why not superactors too.. and he would be sitting in the front row with the likes of Guru Dutt, Dilip Kumar and Balraj Sahni.. I would have also considered Prithvi Raj Kapoor in the same league.. Contrary to my belief that I would not find many songs picturised on the superactor.. I had to leave out a few from consideration.. of course I kept two songs each from two of his super films Aandhi and Khilona.. and I could not add a song from Anubhav, Uljhan and many a films.. it is OK.. the aim is not be encyclopedic.. it is to present the theme in as best a manner as possible and possibly without a bias.. It is hoped that the set of 16 songs for this Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane would be loved by one and all.. I shall present the Hindi listing soon.. One song in particular was very close to my heart as a young boy.. little did I know it then that the song was picturised on him.. the song is ‘Apne Liye Jiye to Kyaa Jiye.. from little known film Baadal..

Abhaya Sharma: Dedications to the Sanjeev Kumar sequel include Ajay Yadav, Ajay Sharma and Pini Kapoor (representative from KV AFS Agra for this particular post ).. I particularly love the song Oh Re Taal Mile Nadi Ke Jal mei from the film Anokhi Raat and dedicate it to one of my closest school friend Ajay Yadav.. (visit the new page Kendriya Vidyalaya, NMR, JNU Campus, New Delhi)
I have just discovered that it is the birthday of dear Ashutosh Bhardwaj.. he has definitely been one of the most exceptional among the recently added several friends from Kendriya Viadyalaya No. 1 Air Force Station, Agra.. I dedicate another personal favorite from the list Apne Liye Jiye to kyaa jiye to him.. on his birthday..
Abhaya Sharma July 10 2017

Tabassum – The First Great TV Host

Tabassum Ji was on my mind ever since I had accidentally discovered an article on how brother Amitabh Bachchan had saved her life.. I believe she was unbelievable as an anchor of that TV program we all grew up watching in the early Television days.. Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan.. often seeing it on TV of others on a couple of occasions from the windows.. for lack of space due to its popularity.. Tabassum ji started acting at very young age.. maybe one could say she was born to act .. yet in her long career of over six decades.. she achieved height of performances in her Doordarshan Bombay presentation.. I think it was aired on Fridays.. and if I remember right it was possibly repeated next morning as well.. I am not very confident of it though.. Here I have compiled some of the episodes from her Youtube channel Tabassum Talkies – where she has reinvented some of the prominent figures of Hindi Cinema that were part of her epic program.. a program I learn that ran for 21 consecutive years.. Maybe Rajat Sharma’s Apki Adalat alone can match with it in the modern times for its longevity.. My personal preferences have mostly been with brother Amitabh Bachchan yet I really wanted to include some of the programs from lesser appreciated yet well known artists like David, Om Prakash and many like them I feel I have not been able to incorporate some very many interesting programs here.. as the sequel is limited to 16 entries.. I would do additional RMSG on her in future.. The ones I missed would be covered in a new sequel.. notably Dr. Shreeram Lagoo, Lalita Pawar, Surendra Nath, Gope etc.

Abhaya Sharma July 9 2017
Dedications : Though I had promised myself I would find out about her residence and possibly go to meet her and wish her in person with a bouquet of flowers.. it was not to be.. it is all right.. Agar insaan ki har ichchha poori ho jaaye to vo insaan kahaan rah jayega.. my love for Meena Kumari should still take me to her someday.. as it does appear that she has known The Great Meena Kumari from close quarters..

Madan Mohan – Exotic Music

Madan Mohan is one name among the music composers who probably never got his due.. Woh Bhooli Dastaan lo phir Yaad A gayi.. or Apki Nazaron ne samajha pyaar ke kaabil mujhe or still more popular Lag Ja Gale Ki phir yeh haseen raat ho na ho.. well I could go on but that is not the point.. maybe he could have got more films.. maybe he could have composed more music.. yet what speaks for his greatness that some of his music was used much after his death in the film Veer Zaara.. my personal best would possibly be Talat Mahmood sahab’s Phir Wohi Shaam Wohi Gham Whi Tanhaai hai.. yet here is one music director who gave away some highly lovable songs.. discover for yourself.. I have not restricted to one film one song theory as he often composed more than one great song in the same film – Woh Kaun Thi, Mera Saya and Dustak have shadowed some of his other films.. it is all right.. I wanted to give you the very best of him.. and the collection is dedicated to several friends on facebook who have joined me recently from Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 1 Air Force Station Agra.. the school where I got my first entry into Kendriya Vidyalayas in the year 1969 as a student of fifth standard.. thanks Mathews Mammen, George Mammen, Suresh Menon, Kanchan Singh Bisht, Shrinivas Rao, Ashutosh Bharadwaj, Sudhir Kekre, Prem Menon, Manohar Kandari, Arun Joneja.. and a good lot of others including Uttama, Manideepa and Annie .. I know I might have missed a few names and more would be on the verge of joining me hands at Facebook.. Dheeraj Bose, Harendra Ojha, Anil Bedi and Surjit Singh, Ajay Dogra, Rattan Sabharwal.. sincere thanks to all .. The best thing was that I have discovered Prithvi Raj Bose one of our seniors, a great Volleyball player who I loved as much as another who acted in a skit Panna Dhai – Pinaki Chakrabarti .. and I got to know that all along I had been wrong with the names Amarjeet (Ajit) and Nirmala Bedi.. they are in fact Anil and Madhu Bedi.. I hope the two will forgive me for that.. a picture from Ashutosh Bhardwaj (AB) was also received.. and has been posted at one of the blog entries on KV, AFS Agra..

Abhaya Sharma July 06 2017