Happy Onam

ओणम के शुभ अवसर पर आप सभी को हार्दिक बधाई विशेषकर प्रिय जॉर्ज मैमन, देविका और प्रीता प्रेम के प्रति समर्पित इस रुपये में सोलह गाने श्रंखला में केरल के सुप्रसिद्ध पार्श्वगायक येसुदास द्वारा हिंदी फिल्मों में उनके गाये हुये 16 गानों का समावेश किया गया है, आशा है जॉर्ज द्वारा भेजे गये यहां प्रस्तुत चित्र में छोटे से बदलाव से प्रिय जॉर्ज को विशेष आपत्ति न होगी । यह श्रंखला एक दिन बाद ही यहां उपलब्ध कराई गई है इससे पहले फ़ेसबुक पर यूट्यूब लिंक पहले दी जा चुकी है । आशा है सभी केरल मित्र इसे पसंद करेंगे ।

अभय शर्मा 5 सितंबर 2017
Special Dedications : Cicy Roy on her great achievement winning President’s award for contribution towards Education.. She is presently the Principal of Kendriya Vidyalaya Pangode, Thiruvananthpuram.. Congratulations to her..

Happy INdependence Day India

The moment India was born is about to arrive in a few minutes from now.. Way back in 1947 India earned its freedom though it came at the cost of its partition into India and Pakistan.. well.. One can not do a much about what happened though some of the bloodshed was truly devastating for hundreds and thousands of families..
I love India as much as I love being a human being.. Here the compilation was quite difficult as some of the modern songs have had huge popularity in the mind of millions of Indians.. I had to forgo the thought of including Aye Watan Aye watan from Shaheed.. and another song Watan Ki Raah Mei Watan Ke naujawan Shaheed ho.. from another film tilted Shaheed.. I did have to leave out a couple of very popular new numbers as well in Yeh Duniya ek Dulhan from Pardes and Yeh Jo Desh Hai tera from Swades.. and maybe I would have loved to not to be biased yet it is difficult to say if I have done a good job.. I truly wanted to include Mile Sur Mera Tumhara .. I could not and that has been decided to be the featured song for my drupal site for the Independence day..

Jai Hind
Abhaya Sharma August 15 2017 12.02 AM


Heartiest Greetings For Janmashtami

Many parts of the country are celebrating Janmashtami today.. Those who do may find a small effort on compiling a second Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane for the occasion .. Maharashtra has far greater celebrations for the Dahi kala.. the Govinda festival is indeed on the next day of his birth.. and is quite a celebration with Dahi Handis seen all over the Mumbai streets.. and troupes take great pride and prizes that come along while breaking the Handi..
There are several songs dedicated to Lord Krishna in Hindi cinema.. I may not have heard many of them.. and I have included 3 non-film Bhajans.. notably one by Anup Jalota could be classified as either a Rama or a Krishna Bhajan.. Meerabai had been in true love with Lord Krishna and had composed several verses to describe that love.. here we have one of the Meera Bhajan sung by two different great artists Geeta Dutt and Lata Mangeshkar in the same post..

Abhaya Sharma August 14 2017

Raksha Bandhan Special

Rakshabandhan is a great festival of India depicting the love and affection among brothers and sisters.. the festival is celebrated with sister tying a sacred thread (Raksha or Rakhi) offers sweets after applying a Teeka with Roli and Chawal on the forehead of her brother with some sweets.. Wishing the lonegevity and good health of her brother..
Brother in turn offers money (or gifts) to the sister and takes a vow to protect her from all adversities.. Some of the songs here have been quite a favourite for me.. This time the post was first posted at drupal site by updating an old book page called Rakshabandhan and Bhai Dooj songs..
The songs are gift to all brothers and sisters who may be celebrating the festival.. I have tried to present as many songs close to the festive spirits of Rakshabandhan.. ‘Ab Ke Baras Bhej Bhaiya Ko Babul’ is here though not at top yet featured high enough.. I am sure Jasmine Di would love it..
On this Rakshabandhan I have addressed a group of representative sisters (Kendriya Vidyalays I have attended) and from the official blog of Amitabh Bachchan..Drupal Site for individual song listings and a small dedication post there..

Abhaya Sharma 7 August 2017
Dedications :
Dear Rajyashree, Sadhana Di and Buaji
Mithilesh Jiji, Manju Jiji, Asha Jiji, Shobha Jiji, Gita Jiji, Rani Jiji, Dr. Neerja, Anita, Ranjana, Mamta, Poornima and Uma
Dear Jasmine Di, Shalini Verma Singh, Moha Dholakia Mehta, Renate and Kankana Chakraborti (Representative of EF from brother Amitabh Bachchan’s blog)
Aruna Chaubal, Uttama Mukherjee Behera and Rajni Raghav Pandey (Representatives of three Kendriya Vidyalayas)

Greetings for Raksha Bandhan 7 August 2017

Happy Friendship Day

On learning that it is the Friendship Day.. I really did think that it is an apt time to say thanks to hundreds and thousands of friends.. some are well known.. quite a few are often communicated through some medium or the other… and then there are a few who are friends for being kind and understanding.. there were a few mixed songs in my earlier presentation.. and I have identified some more relevant numbers and the list now really appears like a Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane for the occasion of friendship Day..
And now it is not a deliberate act on my part that quite a few songs here feature from the films of brother Amitabh Bachchan.. there are 7 out of top 10 songs featuring him.. I consider him a very special friend though not exactly among the ones that one would get to speak or meet when required.. yet I have been associated with his official blog for nearly 10 years now ..
The list is sorted on YouTube popularity.. The only song that has been rearranged is the one from Sholay.. it has been moved to top ahead of its popularity on youtube.. I believe it is the first song that comes to mind when one thinks of friends and friendship.. One of my other favourite is from the film Lalkaar.. which we had seen at Port Blair and it had left a great influence on a simple mind to join defence services .. I narrowly missed it in 1978.. it is all right.. no regrets.. a lot of school and a few college friends did join forces and it gives me a great pleasure that we are reunited with the help of Facebook..

Abhaya Sharma, 6 August 2017
Dedications : Though the list is quite long yet I choose to add representative names here and please forgive me for those whose names may not have featured here.. The list goes as

Acquaintances : Ram Gopalan (Kavita Murthi) and Dr. Nalin Sharda (Hema Sharda nee Hemlata Sharma), Salim Arif and Mujeeb Khan (Theatre), Sudeep Banerjee and Dr. Radhika Chopra (Gazal Singers), Bikram and Arjun Mittra (Anand Bhavan), Alop and Amogh Mittal (family friends), Bhanu Sharma and Krina Chouhan (Savita’s friends).

Kendriya Vidyalayas :
Air Force Station Agra : Prithviraj Bose, Mohan Karpate, Bhupinder Singh, Ramji Tiwari, Yogesh Mahajan, Suresh Menon, Prem Menon, Mathews Mammen, Dheeraj Bose, Kanchan Singh Bisht, Ashutosh Bhardwaj, Uttama Mukherjee Behera, Shrinivas Rao, Surjit Singh, Harendra Ojha, Sudhir Kekre, Manideepa Sengupta, Preeta Prem, Pinni Kapoor, George Mammen, Manjit Singh Dang, Ravindra Karpate, Nagendra Chaturvedi, Rajat Sanyal, Gautam Banerjee and Rattan Sabharwal.

Port Blair : Mani and Mahesh Alagappa, Aruna Chaubal, Joy James, Sharan Nanda, Niraj Bharadwaj, Gita Rao, Sudipta Bhattacharjee, Victor Raj, Reji Philip, Brijesh Arya, Sudhakar, Kabir Rajakhowa, Rashid Parekh, E. Ravi Keshav, Ravishankar Katkar, Ram.

IIT Delhi : Ajay Yadav, Hema Sharda, Ashwini Aggarwal, Vs Srinivasan, Brijendra Negi, Vipin Sachdeva, Atul Khandelwal, Deepak Mehta, Ajai Kansal, Rajeev Bhandari, Nandini Govindraj, Vipin Maira, Madhu Dua Mehta, Sunil Bhaskar, Kumud Bhandari, Anita Sikka, Jagjit Kaur, Sanjay Goel, Karuna Rosset-Nayar, Deepinder Pal Singh, Sunil Mathur, Pankaj Goel, Bharat Bakshi, Sunil Goyal, Sanjiv Prashar, Manoj Channan, Rajni Raghav Pandey, Archana Mishra. Shri Satya Prakash Gupta (Science teacher from KV AFS, Agra), Shri Ujagar Singh ( PTI Sir, KV IIT Delhi). Bipin Singh Bansal, Raj Mohan were also with us as a part of Ninth standard.

Hindu College & Delhi University : Sushil Chugh, Kavita Murthi, Ajay Kumar Dhir, Tulsi Kumar Balani, Ujay Bheenick, Ajay Chhabra, Vinay Mudgal, Sandeep Jain, Ashok Jain, Sunil Sharma, Sham Raj Tyagi, Ajay Kumar Chaudhari, Sanjeev Kapur, Randeep Singh, N. Malathi, Ashwini Bhasin, Joe Thomas, Atanu Banerjee, Rajib Bhargava, Dwarka Nath Panda, Jai Prakash (JP), Prakash Hirani, Malini Rajgopalan, N. Balachander, Rakesh Sharma, M.P. Singh, Pramod Sharma, Nalinish Nagaich, Negi, Pravin Kumar Sharma and Sunil Valson.

Contract Bridge : Zia Mahmood, Tribhuvan Chandra Pant, Avijit Sarkar, Dr. P.R. Singh, Anil Pathrose, Manoj Saxena, Arnab Guha, Chinmoy Chakraborti, Dr. Premila Mathew, Shashi Gupta, Kachchu Dey Sarkar, Ana (TD at Croatina Rhapsody from Croatia – Anaversic), Raju Tolani, Jaggy Shivdasani, Ashok and Vjay Goel (bhaishab), Prtish Kushari, Uttam Gupta, Sumit Mukherjee, Amarnath Banerjee, V.M. Lal, Inderjit Singh Ratra, Rick Chakravarty, Sanjay Mitra, Rajesh Tybrewala, Aloka Daga, Santanu Das, Ashok Banerji, Vikrant Mehta, Jenish Shah, Yogesh Shah, Mohammed Asaduzzaman, Sajid Ispahani, M. Azwerul Haque, Arif Munir and Charles Richard.

BRIT/ BARC, DAE : P. Madhusoodanan, Roushan Zaman, Dr. Bhupendra Singh Tomar, Ramanamurthi, Dr. Vinay Kumar, Dr. Alok Saxena, Vinod Kumar Senecha, Kailash Agarwal, Vineet Kumar, Dr. Basant Nayak, Balhans Jayaswal, Arun Kumar, Dr. Ashok Arya, O.P. Shrivastav, Suresh Narwaria, Piyush Srivsatava, Dr. Anupam Mathur, Dr. Yojana Singh, Jayula Sarnaik, O.P. Upadhyay, Jacob Sebastian, Sudhir Singh, Sanoj Balmiki, Ravindra Saigaonkar, Subhash Deshpande, I.S. Rawat, Ranjit Singh, Dr. S. Ravi, Vinod Raghavan, Shankar Thevar, Devika, N. Jayachandran, Sanjay Patil, CV Sontakke, DB Kalgutkar, VB Kadwad, Dr. D. Padmanabhan, Ravi Shankar, Sanjay Jaiswal, Amit Shrivastav, Vinay Bhave, Preethi Nair, Dr. Ashish Kumar Jha, Dr. Kuldeep Sharma, Dr. Pankaj Tandon, Dr. Padmanabhan, Dr. Hari S. Misra, Dr. Sandip Basu, Dr. Sharmila Banerjee, and Dr. M.R.A. Pillai.

Brother Amitabh Bachchan’s blog : Vishan Lal, Rajinder Sehgal, Ravi Malhotra, Subhash Kaura, Nandkishore Pattil, Jasmine Jaywant, Moha Dholakia Mehta, Meenu Gupta, Rupam Sarma, Mayur Sejpal, Rochelle, Valorie, Renate, Anu (London), Ratna Mukherjee, Manoj Ghanatasala, Manoj Kumar Ojha, Sarojinie Gariba, Moses Sapir, Sudhir, Shalini Verma Singh, Subhash Vaid, Kishore Bhatt, Arshad Khan, Syed Kabeeruddin, Nandita Kao, Kalpana Kakade, Tumpa Ghosh, Ami Trivedi, Rajeshree Divkar, Kala Yadav, Lila Sitahal, Lakshmi Jagular, Ganesh Kamalkishore Lahoti, Sudip Roy and the great Bon – Kankana Chakraborti.

Family : Neerja, Ajay, Pankaj, Anita, Ranjana, Vipul, Shailendra, Navin Kumar Soti, Anil Bhardwaj (Raju) and a few from GenNext like Nitin, Nandita, Rajyashree, Sulbha, Sonal, Shashank, Manasi, Meesha, Shikha, Raghav, Madhav, Vaibhav, Gaurav, Anita, Vinita, Renuka, Bhrigu Dev, Sonabh and Upasana and Jagdish (Rajyashree) Raghu (Nandita) Dev Krishna (Pratibha) are also almost treated as friends . Recently Shashank Mudgal (Gita Jiji’s son), Rati Raj Yadav (Vijay Bhaisahb’s daughter).

And as I said the list is only representative.. Have a great day.. please consider to forgive me if I have missed some important friends.. and a lot many who are part of my over 1000 friends at Facebook may consider that they are all included as friends even if I have missed to mention their names in one of the lists..

Happy Teej

Teej is a special woman oriented festival.. the 16 songs for Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane are compiled for depicting the essence of the rainy season festival of Teej that is prominently celebrated in most parts of India .. Teej falls in the month of Sawan.. and maybe except ‘Man kyoon bahaka Ri bahaka..’ by the wonderful Lata and Asha Ji.. all the songs are based on the theme and spirit of Teej. The songs are primarily organised on their popularity on youtube yet the first slot has been given to ‘Pad Gaye Jhoole from Bahu Begum.. a song which appears to be the most apt for the occasion.. The RMSG had been initiated by the message from dear Gita Jiji.. the cover photo includes a greeting picture sent by her..
The song from Bahu Begum is a personal favorite and depicts my love for the great Meena Kumari who also features in a song from the film Parineeta – ‘Gore Gore Haathon Meim.. ‘ and another from Azaad – Jaa Ri Jaa ri O Kaari Badariya..’
The Kishore da special ‘Rimjhim Gire Sawan..’ from brother Amitabh’s Manzil has been excluded though it was considered initially.. I hope the song sequence would be loved by all.. the RMSG is dedicated to Gita Jiji, Savita Sharma, Dr. Neerja Dubey, Uttama Mukherjee Behera, Rajni Raghav Pandey and Dr. Yojana Singh among hundreds of other facebook frieends esp. some of the friends from three Kendriya Vidyalayas I studied at Agra, Port Blair and IIT Delhi Campus (Now relocated and known as Kv NMR, JNU Campus)

Abhaya Sharma 26 July 2017
रुपये में सोलह गाने – तीज़ की शुभकामनायें

1. पड़ गये झूले सावन रुत आई रे – बहू बेगम
2. मेघा रे मेघा रे – प्यासा सावन
3. मन क्यूं बहका री बहका – उत्सव
4. बरसात में हमसे मिले तुम – बरसात
5. ओ सजना बरखा बहार आई – परख
6. आहा रिमझिम के ये प्यारे प्यारे गीत लिये – उसने कहा था
7. ज़िंदगी भर नही भूलेगी – बरसात की रात
8. रिमझिम के तराने लेके आई बरसात – काला बाज़ार
9. जा री जा री ओ कारी बदरिया – आज़ाद
10. सावन के झूले पड़े – जुर्माना
11. गोरे गोरे हाथों में – परिणीता
12. हरियाला सावन ढोल बजाता आया – दो बीघा ज़मीन
13. झूले में पवन के आई बहार – बैजू बावरा
14. हो उमड़ घुमड़ कर – दो आंखें बारह हाथ
15. देखो मौसम क्या बहार है – ऑपेरा हॉउस
16. ये मौसम रंगीन शमा – मॉडर्न गर्ल

अभय शर्मा 26 जुलाई 2017

Post script : It was discovered later that the write up was quite scratchy and incoherent.. I believe I could be excused for being erroneous on description in the first instance.. and hope it is more readable now.. I did want to incorporate the song suggested by Jasmine Di.. well I promise that would get top slot when I compile songs for Rakshabandhan soon..

Eid Mubarak

Wishing everyone a wonderful Eid .. Let there be celebrations all over.. May God or Allah or whatever way one addresses almighty be kind upon his subjects..
I share a poem I had composed seven years ago and shared at brother Amitabh’s blog then and today..
Eid – – Poem by Abhaya Sharma
दुनिया के दुखों को मोड़ती
आज सुहानी ईद आई है
हम सब को सुखों से जोड़ती
आज रूहानी ईद आई है

मुसीबतों को छोड़ के पीछे
जहां में फिर ये ईद आई है
नसीहतों की याद दिलाती
जग में फिर ये ईद आई है

आज मिलो तुम गले सभी से
यह समझाती ईद आई है
खुदा से मिलने चलो आज
यह बतलाती फिर ईद आई है

है ईद मुबारक साथ लिये
कुछ नगमे और कुछ गीत लाई है
ये ईद आज कुछ याद दिलाती
बचपन के प्यारे मीत लाई है

आओ मनायें ईद कि मिल-जुल
ऎसी रीत चली आई है
चलो मना ले ईद कि हम-तुम
दिल में प्रीत नई छाई है

Abhaya Sharma
11 September 2010

Dedications : To the families of Pakistan who lost their near and dear ones in the Oil Tanker explosion.. May they get the strength to bear their losses.. To Adanan Asef.. who is undergoing cancer treatment at Tata Memorial Hospital.. To everyone who needs prayers for their well being in tough times.. May this festival of Eid fulfill the mankind with new hopes..

Abhaya Sharma Mumbai 26 June 2017

Navratri Special

I was to share this special Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane Sequence last night as we did celebrate the first navratri on March 28 going as per the Maharashtra and Central Government holiday for the occasion.. a few of these were also shared over in remembering mother..

The first Navratri and also Gudi Padwa signal a beginning of Hindu New year Vikram Samvat 2074.. May I extend our heartiest greetings to all on the occasion.. Of the three main forms of Devi, the one I associate most easily is that of Mahasaraswati, though I equally love Mahakali and Mahalakshmi have their own great significance..
Here you would find a few recordings from the classical masestros too.. notably Pandit Bhimsen Joshi at the very beginning..

Holi Ki Shubhkamnayein – Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane

Heartiest Greetings for Holi..

With the hope that you would enjoy these songs – I have decided to brand my kind of Playlists as Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane !

We also express our sincere thanks to friends, family and acquaintances on their remembering us through various medium.. mostly the prevalent whatsapp, mobile calls and SMS, phone, and a few on email too..

Here we present the list of select top Holi Songs from Hindi Cinema.. I am afraid if I have more subjects from yesteryear’s than the modern times..

Abhaya, Savita and Amrit