Guru Dutt – Undisputed Genius

Guru Dutt Sahab is one man everyone in Hindi Cinema would agree was blessed with great abilities both as an actor and director.. I would say he was more of a director could also act brilliantly.. his films like Pyaasa, Kagaz Ke Phool (though a failure at box office then) and Baazi (he did not act in it) are some of the best directorial works of Hindi cinema.. it is a bit tragic that such a great genius as he was had committed suicide.. Well we are here to celebrate his birth anniversary today.. and surprisingly it is also the birthday of yet another great actor Sanjeev Kumar or Haribhai as he was popularly known.. and yet another that of dear Tabassum.. who may not have made as big successful actor she definitely had a very long career in terms of years.. however she is part of another RMSG sequel which actually should not be called RMSG specifically.. Coming back to Guru Dutt sahab.. he is no stranger to RMSG lovers.. his wife Geeta Dutt is probably the richest in terms of Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane.. she has four sequels on her.. so I could actually have left out doing a RMSG on Guru Dutt.. yet that would be wrong.. such artists like him and Sanjeev Kumar are not born every day.. I would also try and do a RMSG on Haribhai if it is possible.. for brevity songs from films like Bharosa, Chaudhavin Ka Chand have been included besides only the most popular songs which may have already made appearances here. ‘ Jaane Wo Kaise Log Thhe Jinke.. ‘ makes probably most appearances..

Abhaya Sharma, Mumbai July 09 2017

Dedications : The Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane is dedicated to his birth anniversary.. specific preferences for me in the list include Waqt Ne Kiya Kyaa haseen sitam.. and Jinhen Naaz Hai Hind par wo Kahaan Hai.. from his top two films Kagaz Ke Phool and Pyaasa..
रुपये में सोलह गाने – गुरु दत्त

1. चौदहवीं का चांद हो या आफ़ताब हो – चौदहवीं का चांद
2. जाने वो कैसे लोग थे जिनके – प्यासा
3. बाबू जी धीरे चलना – आर पार
4. वक्त ने किया क्या हसीं सितम – कागज़ के फूल
5. ये दुनिया अगर मिल भी जाये तो क्या है – प्यासा
6. यही है वो सांझ और सवेरा – सांझ और सवेरा
7. जिन्हे नाज़ है हिंद पर वो कहां है – प्यासा
8. इस भरी दुनिया में कोई भी हमारा न हुआ – भरोसा
9. सुन सुन ज़ालिमा – आर पार
10. देखी ज़माने की यारी – कागज़ के फूल
11. मिली खाक में मुहब्बत – चौदहवीं का चांद
12. उधर तुम हसीं हो – मिस्टर एंड मिसेज़ 55
13. मोहब्बत कर लो जी भर लो – आर पार
14. चल दिये बंदा नवाज़ – मिस्टर एंड मिसेज़ 55
15. ऐ जी दिल पर हुआ ऐसा जादू – मिस्टर एंड मिसेज़ 55
16. अब तो जी होने लगा – मिस्टर एंड मिसेज़ 55

अभय शर्मा 19 जुलाई 2017

Madan Mohan – Exotic Music

Madan Mohan is one name among the music composers who probably never got his due.. Woh Bhooli Dastaan lo phir Yaad A gayi.. or Apki Nazaron ne samajha pyaar ke kaabil mujhe or still more popular Lag Ja Gale Ki phir yeh haseen raat ho na ho.. well I could go on but that is not the point.. maybe he could have got more films.. maybe he could have composed more music.. yet what speaks for his greatness that some of his music was used much after his death in the film Veer Zaara.. my personal best would possibly be Talat Mahmood sahab’s Phir Wohi Shaam Wohi Gham Whi Tanhaai hai.. yet here is one music director who gave away some highly lovable songs.. discover for yourself.. I have not restricted to one film one song theory as he often composed more than one great song in the same film – Woh Kaun Thi, Mera Saya and Dustak have shadowed some of his other films.. it is all right.. I wanted to give you the very best of him.. and the collection is dedicated to several friends on facebook who have joined me recently from Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 1 Air Force Station Agra.. the school where I got my first entry into Kendriya Vidyalayas in the year 1969 as a student of fifth standard.. thanks Mathews Mammen, George Mammen, Suresh Menon, Kanchan Singh Bisht, Shrinivas Rao, Ashutosh Bharadwaj, Sudhir Kekre, Prem Menon, Manohar Kandari, Arun Joneja.. and a good lot of others including Uttama, Manideepa and Annie .. I know I might have missed a few names and more would be on the verge of joining me hands at Facebook.. Dheeraj Bose, Harendra Ojha, Anil Bedi and Surjit Singh, Ajay Dogra, Rattan Sabharwal.. sincere thanks to all .. The best thing was that I have discovered Prithvi Raj Bose one of our seniors, a great Volleyball player who I loved as much as another who acted in a skit Panna Dhai – Pinaki Chakrabarti .. and I got to know that all along I had been wrong with the names Amarjeet (Ajit) and Nirmala Bedi.. they are in fact Anil and Madhu Bedi.. I hope the two will forgive me for that.. a picture from Ashutosh Bhardwaj (AB) was also received.. and has been posted at one of the blog entries on KV, AFS Agra..

Abhaya Sharma July 06 2017

Dev Anand – The Evergreen Hero

Dev Anand or Dev Saab as he is more affectionately referred across cinema lovers was one of the corners of the great triangle of early popular Hindi cinema along with Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor.. He did act as a hero in almost all the Navketan (home) Productions, he also acted in films of other  production houses too.. some of the top songs included here depict that Kishore Da had rendered his voice for Dev Saab too before he went on to create the first superstar Rajesh Khanna through his magical voice and sang beautifully for the angry young man of Hindi cinema – brother Amitabh Bachchan .. yet there are several songs Rafi Sahab recorded for Dev Anand notably the ones included from the films ‘Guide’ and ‘Hum Dono’ here both songs are among my all time favourites.. It is hoped that the compilation is loved by all the Dev Anand fans.. I believe some great duets from his films would some day find their way on some other Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane sequel..

रुपये में सोलह गाने – देव आनंद
1. जीवन के सफर में राही – मुनीम जी – किशोर कुमार
2. है अपना दिल तो आवारा – सोलवां साल – हेमंत कुमार
3. ख्वाब हो तुम या कोई हकीकत – तीन देवियां – किशोर कुमार
4. ये रात ये चांदनी फिर कहां – जाल – हेमंत कुमार
5. माना जनाब ने पुकारा नही – पेइंग गैस्ट – किशोर कुमार
6. दिन ढल जायें हाय रात न आये – गाईड – मोहम्मद रफ़ी
7. फूलों के रंग से दिल की कलम से – प्रेम पुजारी – किशोर कुमार
8. मैं ज़िंदगी का साथ निभाता चला गया – हम दोनो – मोहम्मद रफ़ी
9. दिल आज शायर है – गैम्बलर – किशोर कुमार
10. फूलों का तारों का सब क कहना है – हरे रामा हरे कृष्णा – किशोर कुमार
11. हम बेखुदी में तुमको पुकारे चले गये – काला पानी – मोहम्मद रफ़ी
12. दिल का भंवर करे पुकार – तेरे घर के सामने – मोहम्मद रफ़ी
13. खोया खोया चांद खुला आसमान – काला बाज़ार – मोहम्मद रफ़ी
14. चल री सजनी अब क्या सोचे – बम्बई का बाबू – मुकेश
15. दुखी मन मेरे सुन मेरा कहना – फंटूश – किशोर कुमार
16. जिया ओ जिया ओ जिया कुछ बोल दो – जब प्यार किसी से होता है – मोहम्मद रफ़ी

The song from Prem Pujari “Phoolon Ke Rang Se Dil Ki Kalam Se ” was the choice of dear Madhav and was rendered by me along with songs sung to him in the very early hours of May 7 at the marriage of dear Sonabh at NOIDA.. Madhav had his birthday on May 7 along with that of twin brothers Mani and Mahesh Alagappa.. our seniors at Kendriya Vidyalaya Port Blair.. and today is the birthday of affectionate cousin Late Pandit Pushpendra Sharma.. and a dear friend from Hindu College and Delhi University – Joe Thomas who may have very little to do with Hindi songs.. yet I believe he would not mind my sending along a dedication to him for his great day..

Abhaya Sharma, May 9 2017

Shammi Kapoor – The Superhero

Shammi Kapoor Sahab or Shamsher Raj Kapoor – the second son of Prithviraj Kapoor Sahab did not have an easy ride into Hindi film industry in spite of the fact that his father and brother Raj Kapoor were established and respected names in the industry.. However, he did have a turn around after his first notable success ‘Dil Deke Dekho’ which was the debut film of Asha Parekh yet it was more with the huge success of Junglee, where Saira Banu was introduced for the first time.. that Shammi Kapoor the superhero emerged.. his iconic image got further established with the advent of Kashmir Ki Kali, where Sharmila Tagore made her first impressions in Hindi Cinema..
Notably Mohammad Rafi played a pivotal role in his rise.. as would be evident from the compilation of the present Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane sequel.. Though I have my doubts if it was not Shammi Kapoor who was responsible for the rediscovered Mohammad Rafi.. the fact remains that they clicked as a huge pair complemented the other with great propensity.. something similar to Raj Kapoor and Mukesh combination..

Well, I did have my share of connect with the superhero whom I had once crossed at Sophia theatre during some play staged there.. and later he had replied to one of my emails and later sent a couple of more one around the birth of dear Amrit and another in reciprocation to an email sent around his birthday.. it was on one of the birthdays of dear Nandita that I learned of his death at billiards or rather snooker table.. though it is no occasion to present the RMSG today yet I believe, one does not have to stick to such guidelines as birth or death anniversary of a star to present his work.. It is nevertheless the birthday of dear Raghu.. again he may not really have great flair for either Shammi ji or Mohammad Rafi Sahab yet I do not hesitate in dedicating the RMSG to him.. Have a great birthday dear Raghu..
रुपये में सोलह गाने – शम्मी कपूर
1. ये चांद सा रोशन चेहरा – कश्मीर की कली – मोहम्मद रफ़ी
2. दिल के झरोखे में तुझको बैठा कर – ब्रह्मचारी – मोहम्मद रफ़ी
3. बार बार देखो हज़ार बार देखो – चाईना टॉउन – मोहम्मद रफ़ी
4. इस रंग बदलती दुनिया में – राजकुमार – मोहम्मद रफ़ी
5. तुमने पुकारा और और हम चले आये – राजकुमार – मोहम्मद रफ़ी, सुमन कल्याणपुर
6. आज कल तेरे मेरे प्यार के चर्चे – ब्रह्मचारी – मोहम्मद रफ़ी, सुमन कल्याणपुर
7. तुमसे अच्छा कौन है – जानवर – मोहम्मद रफ़ी
8. जनम जनम का साथ है – तुमसे अच्छा कौन है – मोहम्मद रफ़ी
9. तुमने मुझे देखा होकर मेहरबां – तीसरी मंज़िल – मोहम्मद रफ़ी
10. है दुनिया उसी की ज़माना उसी का – कश्मीर की कली – मोहम्मद रफ़ी
11. तुम मुझे यूं भुला ना पाओगे – पगला कहीं का – मोहम्मद रफ़ी
12. एहसान तेरा होगा मुझ पर – जंगली – मोहम्मद रफ़ी
13. इशारों इशारों में दिल लेने वाले – कश्मीर की कली
14. बदन पे सितारे लपेटे हुये – प्रिंस – मोहम्मद रफ़ी
15. आसमान से आया फरिश्ता – ऍन ईवनिंग इन पैरिस – मोहम्मद रफ़ी
16. चाहे कोई मुझे जंगली कहे – जंगली – मोहम्मद रफ़ी

अभय शर्मा 29 अप्रैल 2017

Pankaj Mullick – The Singer

Pankaj Mullick had been dear and close to my heart even if I had not heard much of his songs.. in fact there is atleast one recording at my youtube channel for the melodious – Tere mandir ka hoon deepak jal raha.. .  I may not have really heard all the songs that have been compiled in this list and I may not have picked the best of his songs.. this particular  compilation needs to be refined over a period of time.. and maybe Nitin could help me out here..

रुपये में सोलह गाने – पंकज मलिक

  1. पिया मिलन को जाना – कपाल कुंडल (1939)
  2. तेरे मंदिर का हूं दीपक जल रहा – पंकज मलिक
  3. ये रातें ये मौसम ये हंसना हंसाना – पंकज मलिक
  4. दुनिया रंग रंगीली बाबा – धरतीमाता (1938)
  5. आई बहार आज आई बहार – डॉक्टर (1941)
  6. मेरे हठीले श्याम – पंकज मलिक
  7. दो नैना मतवारे तिहारे – मॉई सिस्टर
  8. महक रही फुलवारी – डॉक्टर (1941)
  9. गुज़र गया वो ज़माना – डॉक्टर (1941)
  10. चले पवन की चाल – डॉक्टर (1941)
  11. छोड़ मुसाफ़िर माया नगर – पंकज मलिक
  12. ये कौन आज आया सवेरे सवेरे – नर्तकी (1940)
  13. प्राण चाहे नैन न चाहें – पंकज मलिक
  14. मदभरी रूत है जवां – नर्तकी (1940)
  15. जीवन नैया बहती जाये – ज़लज़ला (1952)
  16. कौन देश है जाना बाबू – मुक्ति (1937)

अभय शर्मा 28 अप्रैल 2017.

Vinod Khanna – Rest in Peace

If I were to like someone besides Amitabh Bachchan in Hindi Cinema of Seventies as a dear and a favourite actor, it was indeed Vinod Khanna.. his looks and dashing personality helped him score over both Rajesh Khanna & Dharmendra – the other two big contemporaries… the reason probably could have been the fact that he was one of the most successful actor alongside brother Amitabh Bachchan.. though the two did appear first in Reshma Aur Shera yet it was Khoon Pasina, Zameer, Hera Pheri, Parvarish, Muqaddar Ka Sikandar and Amar Akbar Anthony that the duo produced magic on Hindi cinema screens.. I believe that the two were at their career best in Muqaddar Ka Sikandar.. yet Vinod Khanna as Tiger attracted my attention for the first time as someone with huge talent.. I had not seen Mera Gaon Mera Desh till then.. but had heard he was quite extraordinary in the film.. which he truly was..

Mere Apne is one of the first film where he appeared as a hero.. though still an anti-hero.. Achanak, Imtihaan and Qurbani are among other favourite movies where he was almost flawless.. he would be missed sorely.. and yes it was during the shoot of Man Ka Meet his first outing in the films that my father had a chance to read his palm.. all we know of that is that he was to become a great actor.. that he might even become a sanyasi and might also get into politics.. my father would hardly tell anything more of the meeting.. yet we all know how true were his predictions about the most handsome face of Hindi Cinema.. I wish I could go and offer him my last prayers yet I know I may not really be able to make it.. it is all right..

रूपये में सोलह गाने – विनोद खन्ना को श्रद्धांजलि

1. हम तुम्हें चाहते है ऐसे – कुर्बानी
2. रुक जाना नहीं तू कहीं हार के – इम्तिहान
3. कोई होता जिसको अपना – मेरे अपने
4. प्यार ज़िंदगी है – मुकद्दर का सिकंदर
5. जब कोई बात बिगड़ जाये – जुर्म
6. ज़िंदगी तो वेवफ़ा है – मुकद्दर का सिकंदर
7. लगी आज सावन की – चांदनी
8. अनहोनी को होनी कर दें – अमर अकबर एंथनी
9. हमको तुमसे हो गया है प्यार – अमर अकबर एंथनी
10. हम प्रेमी प्रेम करना जानें – परवरिश
11. किस किस को दिखाउं – मेरा गांव मेरा देश
12. दरबार में उपर वाले के – हेरा फेरी
13. हाल चाल ठीकठाक है – मेरे अपने
14. चाहिये थोड़ा प्यार – लहू के दो रंग
15. आज फिर तुम पे प्यार आया है – दयावान
16. कुर्बानी कुर्बानी कुर्बानी अल्लाह को प्यारी है – कुर्बानी

Abhaya Sharma April 27 2017

Rest in Peace Sir..

Jagjit Singh – Ghazal King of India

Jagjit Singh has always been at top of my mind whenever it comes to the idea of listening a Ghazal.. I may have loved film Ghazals of Talat Mahmood Sahab.. may have liked quite a few of Ghulam Ali Ghazals from across the border.. yet to hear a Ghazal the first name that crosses my mind has always been that of great Jagjit Singh.. it was quite a coincidence that we were at KBC audience, the day Jagjit Singh Passed away on October 10 2011.. it dampened my spirits.. with him an era of Ghazal singing had come to an end.. atleast in India.. Here I have had some difficulty in picking up the choicest Ghazals by him.. more for the reason that I did have to leave out some most beautiful Ghazals recorded by him as duets with Chitra Singh.. indeed one day I would present the duo at Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane series..

रुपये में सोलह गाने – जगजीत सिंह

1. तुमको देखा तो ये खयाल आया – साथ साथ
2. ये दौलत भी ले लो – जगजीत सिंह लाईव
3. तुम इतना जो मुस्करा रहे हो – अर्थ
4. होठों से छू लो तुम – प्रेम गीत
5. होश वालों को खबर क्या – सरफ़रोश
6. हज़ारों ख्वाहिशें ऐसी – मिर्ज़ा ग़ालिब
7. चिट्ठी न कोई संदेश – दुश्मन
8. झुकी झुकी सी नज़र – अर्थ
9. तेरे खुश्बू में बसे खत – जगजीत सिंह लाईव
10. हर एक बात पे कहते हो – मिर्ज़ा ग़ालिब
11. आप को देख कर देखता रह गया – जगजीत सिंह लाईव
12. दिल ही तो है न संगो खिस्त्र – मिर्ज़ा ग़ालिब
13. मैं नशे में हूं – जगजीत सिंह लाईव
14. उम्र ज़लवों में बसर हो – जगजीत सिंह लाईव
15. बाज़ीचा-ए-अतफाल है – मिर्ज़ा ग़ालिब
16. क्या खोया क्या पाया हमने – अटल बिहारी वाजपेयी

अभय शर्मा 15 अप्रैल 2017

Dedications : Dr. Neerja and Dr. Vijay Kumar Dubey on their marriage anniversary.. was it yesterday ! I have also sung him on several occasions notably the top two Ghazals here and most of the Mirza Ghalib Ghazals.. I remember both Pankaj and Ajay and their group in Bareilly were all very fond of him.. Vineet Kumar and me have spent several nights singing and listening his Ghazals during the times we were at Nilgiri.. Alok Da too loved some of my renditions of Jagjit Singh.. There was one night when a friend Rakesh Sharma at Saras Baug had requested me to sing Shayad Main Zindagi ke Sahar le aa gaya umpteen times.. over a party when many of them including a M.Sc. batchmate JP were leaving for US shortly.. someday I should record some of his Ghazals in my own voice with Karaoke..

I never could avail an opportunity to hear him live.. money was a big constraint then and though I would have loved to spend some money on him I probably could not find a partner to join me.. it is all right.. Last night I saw the first part of Mirza Ghalib.. The two DVD set arrived a day before it was expected.. I believe Gulzar Sahab has done a phenomenal job.. and it was just too interesting to find another great actor in the script of things.. Neena Gupta looked truly electrifying in her role as Nawab Jaan.. Amazing that we had earlier seen the film Begum Jaan in the afternoon.. the film appeared a lttle too bold for Indian Cinema.. I would not give my judgement on the film.. I did like it in parts though..

Kishore Kumar – The Extraordinary

Kishore Da was not always my first choice as the most favourite playback singer yet I believe I was not doing justice to his extraordinary talent.. here I compile Kishore da singing for 16 different actors and needless to say that my job was indeed very difficult to cut Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan in particular to just one song each.. I know I will make up for that whenever I do a Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane for the two most brilliant superstars of Hindi Cinema.. and yes he was the star maker.. a rich candidate for a Bharat Ratna besides the Great Meena Kumari..

The list of songs here is dedicated to Vipin Maira – a close friend from KV IIT Delhi, who had wanted me to compile songs of Kishore Kumar someday..

रुपये में सोलह गाने – किशोर कुमार

1. मेरे महबूब कयामत होगी – मिस्टर ऍक्स इन बॉम्बे – किशोर कुमार
2. ओ मांझी रे – खुशबू – जीतेंद्र
3. मेरे नैना सावन भादों – महबूबा – राजेश खन्ना
4. तेरी दुनिया से होके मजबूर चला – पवित्र पापी – परीक्षित (अजय) साहनी
5. ओ साथी रे – मुकद्दर का सिकंदर – अमिताभ बच्चन
6. कोई होता अपना जिसको – मेरे अपने – विनोद खन्ना
7. रात कली एक ख्वाब में आई – बुड्ढा मिल गया – नवीन निश्चल
8. घुंघरू की तरह – चोर मचाये शोर – शशि कपूर
9. मेरी भीगी भीगी सी – अनामिका – संजीव कुमार
10. ख्वाब हो तुम या – तीन देवियां – देव आनंद
11. आने वाला पल जाने वाला है – गोल माल – अमोल पालेकर
12. कहना है कहना है – पड़ोसन – सुनील दत्त
13. दिल ऐसा किसी ने मेरा तोड़ा – अमानुष – उत्तम कुमार
14. पल पल दिल के पास – ब्लैकमेल – धर्मेंद्र
15. ओ हंसिनी – ज़हरीला इंसान – ऋषि कपूर
16. भंवरे की गुंजन है मेरा दिल – कल आज और कल – रणधीर कपूर

अभय शर्मा, 6 अप्रैल 2017 मुंबई

Gulzar – The Poet

Gulzar Sahab may not have contributed a very large number of songs like Majrooh Sultanpuri or Anand Bakhsi or even Shailendra. A great friend in Shailendra almost forced Gulzar Sahab to go and meet Bimal da (Bimal Roy) and he went on to write his first Song for Bandini.. Mora Gora Ang Lai Le..
Gulzar Sahab considers himself more of a writer or rather a poet than maybe say a lyricist, a screenplay/dialogue writer or even a director of Hindi Cinema..
Incidentally I have just finished reading two books on him in two days on the trot.. ‘Raat Pashmine Ki’ by himself and ‘Gulzar : In conversation with Nasreen Munni Kabir’

रुपये में सोलह गाने : गुलज़ार साहब
Indeed many of his songs has influenced and deeply impressed me.. quite a few for the reason that Alok da loved his songs.. Maybe I should have included a song from the film Do Dooni Char but then I did want to include his most popular numbers among RMSG Sequence.. I hope you would not find even one dull moment..
1. मोरा गोरा अंग लई ले – बंदिनी
2. ओ मांझी रे – खुशबू
3. इस मोड़ से जाते हैं – आंधी
4. एक अकेला इस शहर में – घरौंदा
5. तुझसे नाराज़ नही ज़िंदगी – मासूम
6. दिल ढूंढता है फिर वही – मौसम
7. नाम गुम जायेगा – किनारा
8. आप की आंखों में कुछ – घर
9. मेरा कुछ सामान – इज़ाजत
10. हमने देखी है उन आंखों की – खामोशी
11. कोई होता जिसको अपना – मेरे अपने
12. हमको मन की शक्ति देना – गुड्डी
13. गंगा आये कहां से – काबुलीवाला
14. धन्नो की आंखों में – किताब
15. चप्पा चप्पा चरखा चले – माचिस
16. बीति ना बिताये रैना – परिचय
Abhaya Sharma, Mumbai April 4 2017

Talat Mehmood – Silk Touch

A few of the playback singer of the pre-golden era of Hindi cinema music are very dear to me.. though Talat Mehmood continued his singing much into the period yet some of his best songs are probably before the advent of 1950s and 1960s.. A man with silk touch voice.. Talat Mehmood has given some numerous songs that are so enchanting and melodious that it is not really justifiable to restrict him to the Rupaye Mei Solah Gaane scriptures.. yet here I present his top songs in this collection.. it is hoped that you would understand my inability to not able to pick many of his great numbers.. and it is hoped the collection is loved by the connoisseurs of Old Hindi Music..

रूपये में सोलह गाने – तलत महमूद
1. ये हवा ये रात ये चांदनी – संगदिल – सज्जाद हुसैन
2. इतना ना मुझसे तू प्यार बढ़ा – छाया – सलिल चौधरी
3. तस्वीर बनाता हूं तस्वीर नही बनती – बारा दरी – नाशाद
4. शाम ए ग़म की कसम – फुटपाथ – खय्याम
5. जलते हैं जिसके लिये – सुजाता – एस.डी. बर्मन
6. ऐ मेरे दिल कहीं और चल – दाग़ – शंकर जयकिशन
7. जायें तो जायें कहां – टैक्सी ड्राईवर – एस.डी. बर्मन
8. मेरी याद में तुम ना – मदहोश – मदन मोहन
9. मोहब्बत ही न जो समझे – परछाईं – सी. रामचन्द्र
10. फिर मुझे दीदा ए तर याद आया – मिर्ज़ा गालिब – गुलाम मोहम्मद
11. प्यार पर बस तो नही है मेरा लेकिन फिर भी – सोने की चिडिया – ओ.पी. नैय्यर
12. मेरा जीवन साथी बिछड़ गया – बाबुल – नौशाद
13. अंधे जहां के अंधे रास्ते – पतिता – शंकर जयकिशन
14. ज़िंदगी देने वाले सुन – दिल ए नादान – गुलाम मोहम्मद
15. फिर वो ही शाम वो ही गम – जहां आरा – मदन मोहन
16. ऐ दिल मुझे ऐसी जगह ले चल – आरजू – अनिल बिस्बास

अभय शर्मा 25 मार्च 2017