Prabodh Sharma – Sportsperson

Born this day probably in the year 1943, my eldest brother Prabodh Sharma was the first grandson in the family of Pandit Kanti Chandra ji.. my grandsfather whom I nver had seen.. Munnu Bhaiya as he was widely known all around was truly a sportsperson.. I believe he was a great Hockey player almost could have played at national level if he had pursued it vigorously further after the school level.. and I had found him equally strong supporter of other games including Cricket.. he loved and knew all the great Hockey and cricket players of both India and Pakistan.. besides he was possibly interested in Hindi Cinema esp. for its music.. He was fond of Sachin Dev Burman's music,, I think he was not much of a singer himself.. and maybe he loved another brother Shachindra Sharma to sing the songs he loved.. I say so because he had once asked me 'tumhe Sachin ka vo gaana aata hai kyaa..' he wanted me to sing 'Zikra Hota Hai Jab Qayamat Ka..' which at that time I did not really know.. I was noty much of a singer I wasan aAntakshari expert.. at some marriage gathering and for the fact that Shachin da had not arrived till then..

I believe he loved Manna Dey, Talat Mahmood and S.D. Burman.. though I did discover that he was fond of Ghazals as well.. few of the songs compiled here may not really be true representation of his top choices yet these are some of the songs through which I remember him.. for example.. the song Bhari Duniya mei aakhir dil ko samjhane was sung at one of gatherings at his own marriage  by Amogh Bhaisahab.. I believe he spent a lot of time at Bijnor where the family came into contact with the Mittals.. it seems Alop and Amogh bhaisahab were truly hid friends.. it was only they became more friendly with Chhukko Bhaiya and Punna Bhaiya.. I believe Rakesh bhaisahab was also his friend.. he would always address him as Prabodh.. Yogendra bhaisahab at Bijnor was also very fond of him or so it appeared from their interactions.. I was born at Bijnor and I have some vague memories of how everyone would gather around him.. His was the first marriage that I remember and it took place at Bijnor.. There were quite a few instances when he would often look upon us with great affection and it was at his insistence that me and younger brother Ajay were allowed to go To Haridwar for a school picnic.. though he probably never said in as many words yet he had special love for Shachindra bhaisahab for his versatility and Alok da for his deep interest in sports..

Well.. give me some time and maybe next time I would do a presentation I would possibly do some home work before presenting Rupaye mei Solah gaane sequels for family events..

It seems He was very fond of Chhukko Bhaiya and Punna Bhaiya esp. their possible Sher-o-Shjayari skills.. it seems he was considered to be one of the most handsome faces in the entire Pandit Kanti Chandra Family.. he was definitely the pampered one.. The pigeons were esp. brought for him knowing he would often go to Bua jis house for his love of pigeons.. often stay there for long and without the knowledge of people at Kali Bari.. I believe Alok da came closest to him for his sportsman  nature.. 

The name of my eldest sister was similar to my father's name and she was thus named Anupama.. possibly after the successful Hrishikesh Mukherjee film by the same name..  His both children Alpana and Akshay were born in Bijnor in 1967 and 1968 respectively.. He stayed in many places and I remember time spent with him in Bijnor and visiting him at Karnal, Bahadurgarh and Bareilly at later times.. being so much older to us.. he was almost always inaccessible to us directly... i.e only he would speak to us and we in turn if we had to talk we would approach Bhabhiji for our queries.. It is strange that I have not known much of the eldest members of the family esp.  him and Badi jiji..