Ravindra Bhaisahab - Rest in Peace

Ravindra Sharma - extreme right

Our prayers for Ravindra Bhaisahab ( Extreme right in separate sofa seen along with Krishna Kumar Sharma, Rajendra Sharma, Shachindra Sharma and Mahendra Sharma). Ravindra Bhiashab left for his heavenly abode succumbing to his very late diagnosed cancer of Pancreas.. negating every painstaking effort of dear Madhav, who tried his very best for possible treatment at Delhi.

Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry

There is this one singer who has influenced me deeply in my early days in Bombay.. time say 1981-1991..

It was during those days that I would rather just think of him and his music.. it is difficult to say if I followed the words.. mostly I did not.. atleast not then.. not immediately..

So it is with the help of this drupal website I want to revisit the Bob Marley.. This particular song which I may have heard most often still eludes me with words..