Mukesh - Melodious Music

Well, they say he along with Rafi and Kishore was one of the greatest playback singers.. Some of the duets by him are grouped in - Amazing Duets. and the songs recorded for Raj Kapoor are also a part of a book on the greatest showman.. some songs recorded for Rajesh Khanna Amitabh Bachchan and Dilip Kumar belong to their respective books.. and he has sung quite a few songs for Manoj Kumar, Dharmendra and Shashi Kapoor which are available on great Hindi Songs subpages for them.. 

Kishore Kumar - Legendary Singer

Kishore Ku,ar

Here I would group some of the top songs from Kishore Kumar- Maybe a kind of book Vipin Maira had always been requesting me..

There is no question of the list being complete in any respect.. For me he is undoubtedly the leading male singer by sheer variety of songs he has sung for several actors.. 

Marriage Special for Nivrita and Manika

Nivrita Sharma and Manika Puthia - Wishing You the Very Best of Times Ahead..

Here I am dedicating some songs for the occasion of the marriages of dear Nivrita and Dear Manika.. Incidentally both their marriages are falling on February 5 2017.

For clarity and easy searches songs are grouped into categories.. to let you find out for yourself..

Abhaya Sharma

Mumbai February 3 2017