Sanjiv Sam Gambhir

Professor Sanjiv Sam Gambhir is one of the most celebrated academician in the field of molecular imaging.

Besides the PET-CT, some of the newer techniques are also being investigated for their possible roles asnew molecular  imaging mdalities, esp. the optical methods including Fluoresecence, bioluminescecne and Raman

Dr Gambhir, has received several awards and a brief descrption of his activities and programs at  Stanford Uniivrsity ould be found at their wesbite. (Sanjiv Sam Gambhir )

NMPAI - First National Conference

NMPAI Conference

First NMPAI Conference - Kolkata : February 25-26 2017

Kolkata - The city of Joy has some beautiful spots like Victoria Memorial, Shanti Niketan, Dakshineshwar to name  a few.. 

Department of Atomic Energy has an important unit related to Nuclear Medicine - Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre.  BRIT also has a reginonal centre at VECC. 


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