Hindu College


I studied at Hindu College.. from 1976-1981, first three years for an Honours degree in Chemistry and later for M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry before joining Bhabha Atomic Research Centre training school in 1981.. 

Link to the associates was compiled some years ago at my google site ( link to the webpage ).  

Recently, we have had sort of reunion with lots of Chemistry graduates from the college, most recent among them Kavita Murthi who was a brilliant student both during Hons. and M.Sc. days.. 

I have promoted slideshow of some songs dedicated to you under the block Top Songs.. which appears in the second sidebar.. to play a particular song first pause the slideshow when a song of your choice appears and then play the song.. remember to stop the song if you wish to resume the slideshow for viewing other songs in the show.. again pause play and stop as explained before.. 

Wishing you a great time with dear friends from Chemistry Hons. Batch of 1976-1979 of Hindu College notably Vinay Mudgal, Ajay Chhabra, Sandeep Jain and Ashok Kumar Jain.. and I hope and wish you all have great time.. if Randeep, Tyagi, Balani and others also join please extend my heartiest greetings to them all.. 

I am afraid I had to cancel my program of being a part of the gathering due to some personal reasons..

Abhaya Sharma

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